A Grammar of Modern Irish


An irish usage-book with no equal

A Grammar of Modern Irish is by far the most comprehensive book written in Béarla for native and non-native speakers alike.

The price is right for its contents

This book has over €100,000 worth of information in it.  No, a copy is not the recommended price of €100. Instead, it's available in bookshops throughout Ireland for €30!

Hodges Figgis and The Winding Stair, Dublin; Charlie Byrne's, Galway; Liber, Sligo; O'Mahony's, in the city of Limerick and its branch at the University of Limerick.

testimonials from here and afar

"The best book on the Irish language on the market." Nicholas Williams, Professor Emeritus UCD, and translator of The Hobbit from Béarla into Irish

"It’s a masterpiece, your book. Clear, concise, thorough explanations of a sometimes impossibly complex language; easy-to-follow layout; well-chosen typography, with lightface Gill Sans for the text and serif for the examples. I’m not familiar with the Christian Brothers’ original, but if it’s like most grammar books, it was written with a splendid disregard for the potential reader. Your version is not." Caleb Crowell, Executive Vice President (retired) Educational Design, Inc., New York

An Excellent book for checking on usage

Not only has the index and table of contents been laid out for ease of use, it has the a glossary of Irish grammatical  terms. The only one of its kind in the world!

Clarity at your fingertips

If you happen to like learning a language and discovering the background of sentence and word formation, then GMI was written for you. With this reference, you can independently have the building blocks to express yourself in ways you never imagined. 

Questions? Send them on to me

If you have the book, and still would like things better explained, please write to me.